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We live in a community of numerous cultures and traditions, many of them rapidly vanishing.  As we lose these, we lose their inherent depths of consciousness, and manner of mind use, all of which facilitate compassion and peace throughout the world.

A multicultural Medicinal Herb Garden provides the opportunity for the revitalization of our relationships with the plants, restoring our respect for their compassionate energies, and thus also for the cultural traditions based upon them.

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Opportunities to Participate & Support

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Please participate as inspired.

  1. Participatorily: Please join us on Our UC Gill Tract Community Farm: Your presence creates community and beautifies Our farm, making it more productive. hours & events)
  2. Emotionally: Help us feel affirmed in the community work to be done here: Come and feel fulfilled in the garden on our farm.
  3. Promotionally: Help us spread the understanding of what this Garden has to offer. Share your experiences with your family and friends.
  4. Publicly: Help us to promote Our Community Events and Seminars. “like” our website, and “share” our postings and event flyers.
  5. Celebratorily: Help us rejoice as we celebrate and honor our community stewardship of this land.
  6. Peaceably: Help us join together in egalitarian “grass-roots” community stewardship to establish an exemplary and respectfully peaceful presence.
  7. Populationally: Help us become the critical mass necessary to draw positive media attention to our much needed community efforts.
  8. Materially: Help us procure the materials and livelihood necessary to keep this farm and gardening community successful. Please contact farm manager at 510-292-3418 to find out our current needs.

  9. Financially: Support our Medicinal Herb Garden, and help us raise money towards our full-fledged Community-Centered Peace Medicinal Herb Garden.


    By Cash or Check…
    You may also contribute in an on site “Donation” jar.

  10. Sovereignly: Plant your own Sovereign Future with vegetables and Medicinal Herb plants from our Donation-Based Farm Stand

Your joyous presence is probably the most valuable contribution you can make.