Our Medicinal Herb Garden Functions

The Medicinal Herb Garden at Our UC Gill Tract Community Farm serves multiple functions for our community.

Bodily Health

  1. Facilitates bodily “groundedness,” to be in touch with the Earth: literally grounding our wild energies, so that we may be more calm and centered.
  2. Opens bodily sensitivity and respectfulness to all the energy presences of other beings and substances around us.
  3. Cultivates “bodily literacy”: ability to pay attention to and understand the feeling intuitions our bodies are constantly receiving and communicating to us.
  4. Provides a source/reservoir of compassionate healing energies for our bodies to absorb and align with.

Cultural Honoring

  1. Acknowledges and facilitates the importance of herbal uses in our diverse ethnic traditions.
  2. Provides opportunities for acquaintance with, and respect for our traditional herb plants and also for the herbs and traditions of others.
  3. Facilitates the perpetuation of ethnic medicinal traditions and wisdom.
  4. Expands understanding of the depths and diversity of modes of traditional plant-facilitated healing.

Medicinal Sovereignty

  1. Demonstrates how we can grow medicinal herb plants, from traditions all around the world, to serve our ethnic community residents, and honor what they know and have to offer.
  2. Provides traditional peoples the opportunity to have access to the plants of their own traditions.
  3. Revives opportunities for medicinal sovereignty, and divestment from Big Pharma.

Community Education

  1. Facilitates heart centered education through the cultivation of relational, energy-conscious  mind use.
  2. Galvanizes Our community and Our UC to demonstrate the quality of and necessity for land and nature based (grounded, relational and respectful) experiential and participatory (non-abstracted) education.
  3. Promotes education by the community, serving the community: facilitating community sovereignty and resilience.
  4. Provides an education that relates to and respectfully appreciates and affirms non-Western traditions, so that we may come to understand and become at Peace with them.
  5. We run a variety of educational programs as an offering.

Vision: Compassionate Peace

  1. Provides an exemplary community heart-centered peace education which can be locally demonstrated and appreciating throughout the world’s traditions.
  2. This is the future of Peace promoting education, for which the UC can become proud to be on the forefront (In the “Western” world), and known for.
  3. Serves as an appetizer for a full fledged Community- Centered Peace Medicinal Herb Garden (please see “brochure” at healingspiritplants.com website).