Plant Lists


Following is an expansive list of varieties proposed for a “Community Centered Peace Medicinal Herb Garden.” 

We currently have what can be referred to as Our Medicinal Herb Garden “Appetizer”: a single 50’ Medicinal Herb Garden ring, created as a rather limited sample garden which can inspire the community support and UC appreciation and embracement of the necessity of the full 2 acre Community-Centered Peace Medicinal Herb Garden.  Over 250 plants varieties are presented in the design.  The third column “in garden” lets you know whether, yes, we have the plant currently growing in the “Appetizer” Garden; or no, not yet, but it will be part of the proposed larger design; and the cultivational information is a useful resource. 

NOTE: There are more columns than will fit in the typical web browser. There is a green to the left of each row that will display the rest of the columns.

These lists are currently arranged in spreadsheet form, alphabetically according with tradition, and then within that alphabetically by “western” scientific name: Genus and species. 

Feel free to explore the list using the search field at the top, or to re-sort by any category by clicking the arrow at the top of any column.

If you’d like to view the spreadsheet in it’s native form, please continue here.

Each variety has it associated common names, traditional names (both transliterated and in their own script); and then use categories, cultivational preferences, expected growth form, and finally a wikipedia link (click the  to reveal) for further information, references, and language translation options.