We live in a community of numerous cultures and traditions, many of them rapidly vanishing.  As we lose these, we lose their inherent depths of consciousness and manner of mind use; all of which facilitate compassion and peace throughout the world.  A multi-traditional Medicinal Herb Garden provides the opportunity for the restoration of our relationships with the plants, revitalizing our respect for their compassionate energies, and thus also with the traditions based upon them.  Reverence for the energies of living presence, as well as their pharmacological properties, requires a sacred space within which to experience spiritual communion with them.  We have a choice!  When we spend our time with the plants, they ground us, relax us, and focus us in our hearts:  We feel compassion and Peace!



1) Save the Land: Address Earth Sovereignty
2) Preserve the Environment: Address Vibrational Sovereignty
3) Preserve the Ecology: Address Ecological Sovereignty
4) Preserve our Traditions: Address Cultural Sovereignty
5) Preserve our Access: Address Participatory Sovereignty
6) Preserve our Livelihood: Address Alimentary Sovereignty
7) Preserve our Health: Address Physiological Sovereignty
8) Preserve our Integrity: Address Psychological Sovereignty
9) Preserve our Freedom: Address Consciousness Sovereignty
10) Preserve our “Presence”: Address Spiritual Sovereignty
11) Preserve our Future: Address Educational Sovereignty
12) Establishment of Gift Economy: Address Heart Sovereignty


                            Medicinal Herb Garden Mission in Action

To help us ground ourselves and our lives in the context of the Earth, plants and compassion by dwelling simply among the plants in peace and harmony as a calm and compassionate presence.

To facilitate and encourage bodily, psychological and spiritual “literacy” regarding all elements of consumption and environmental conditions.

To facilitate a cultural life style which intrinsically values all species, all cultures and the environment.

To facilitate and encourage the perpetuation and resurgence of traditional cultures and their healing arts and consciousness/wisdom.

To facilitate and encourage the return to wholistic plant spirit medicines, thus weaning us from addictive dependency upon harsh pharmaceuticals.

To reclaim our economy by encouraging the return to local practices which create a compassionate energy presence.

To grow, demonstrate and provide medicinal herb plants from traditions around the world.

To offer opportunities for acquaintance, education, inspiration and acquisition of medicinal herb plants for the creation of healing gardens and the deepening of conscious sensitivity.

 Ultimately, to facilitate through engagement, practice and experience a deepening sensitivity and awareness.

 In the garden, there is a deeper understanding of how this can happen within.